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Training and Support

Departments to Support our Retail Mortgage Branches

You will see that at American Nationwide Mortgage, each of our employees is specialized in a particular aspect of the mortgage operations business. Any time you need their help with your branch, they will be made available to you. Such assistance is what will help you climb the ladder of success in retail mortgage banking. Do not be fooled by branch programs that offer the world, but have only a handful of people working to achieve this goal.

Each of our departments are backed by individuals who are highly experienced in various associated fields of management, underwriting, funding, insurance and other such areas. In fact, we even have specialists for the products we have on offer. Our compliance department ensures that legally we are never in the wrong and are also in compliance with what is expected of us. No matter what queries you have about your net branch, we have the knowledge to answer them.

We also help in the areas of human resource management, which can spell the success of an organization. We help you organize payrolls, the process of tax returns as well as government withholdings and garnishment. All this frees up more time for you to originate loans. Many have emulated the technology we use at American Nationwide Mortgage, but never has anyone been able to duplicate it. The technology used is the result of years of research and customization based on the requirements of our clientele and the industry. No matter which aspect of our technology you survey – the pricing system, the lender feedback, or even the rating tools we use, all of them have been designed to be user-friendly. It allows one to begin using them without having to undergo extensive training or any for that matter. American Nationwide Mortgage’s team behaves as your personal assistants until you get the hang of things. You will be initiated into the process of loan soliciting, you will be given guidelines related to all products, creation of accounts, operational aspects and basically everything you need to get you going.

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