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Mortgage Branch Facts                                                               

Compensation Plan Branch Programs


All closed loans originated by the branch loan officer shall be compensated on basis points of the total volume.

Standard Compensation Program: The Standard Compensation Program is for those branches with average or lower volume production. Each branch has the ability to either maintain a standard of production or develop the branch to a higher level of production. At ANMC, we offer the support needed to help each branch reach their individual goals.

Advanced Compensation Program: The Advanced Compensation Program is for those branches that maintain a higher volume of production. At ANMC, we will provide the support and guidance our Branch Managers need to reach their aggressive goals.

Recruiting Bonus Program: Do you know an exceptional Loan Officer or Branch Manager with another company? We offer a bonus plan that rewards you when you help us grow our company.
Please call for additional information.

Each Branch Manager is compensated on basis points from total volume generated by the branch production.

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