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Branch Advantages

Departments to Support our Retail Mortgage Branches

Becoming an Affiliate Branch offers many benefits to those who are currently working for another company or those who are already an independent mortgage broker. At ANMC, our Affiliate Branch program gives you and your clients the benefits of competitive loan pricing, while allowing you to manage and develop your own client relationships.

Having started our Affiliate Branch program in 2002, we attribute our success to the way we approach the industry. We understand that FHA guidelines are continually evolving. We make it a point to stay abreast of these changes and in compliance at all times. With each new branch we open, we work closely with the Branch Manager to ensure the set up goes smoothly. This takes an investment of time and energy by everyone and this is what makes our branch relationships successful. We provide the required training, hire staff based on our time-tested protocol and impart our knowledge of the industry so that members of the new branch can hit the ground running. We believe in the success of our branches and provide the support they need.

For those who may have concerns about losing their autonomy and being forced to change their sales process or marketing strategies, we assure you this isn’t our approach. We believe in allowing each Branch Manager to create a unique identity. This freedom will allow you to develop our branch as if it is your own… because it is! The success of ANMC is riding on the success of each branch and it is for this reason you will have our complete support. While the benefits of being associated with ANMC are plenty, it is your hard work and commitment to the improvement and growth of the branch that will be recognized and help you advance your career. Our goal is to support you in building a business that will sustain itself for a lifetime.

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