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Reverse Mortgage Branch

American Nationwide Mortgage Company, aka reverse mortgage division was created in response to increased demand from consumers for reverse mortgage services. As a result of the state of the economy and the uncertainty of the housing market, more borrowers are in need of reverse mortgages.

Though the main goal of this department will be to highlight and promote the benefits of reverse mortgages, the decision to create this department was based on the unique attributes of reverse mortgages, as well as the company’s wish to offer quality advice about the products to consumers and to branch locations needing support for this type of loan. Along with advice, the department will also be offering region-specific instructions detailing the process behind creating reverse mortgages to meet a borrower’s retirement goals, as well as any necessary marketing documents.

We are in search of potential employees that like to help Senior citizens by offering them a mortgage option that can assist them in maintaining financial independence.

American Nationwide Mortgage offers a business environment that maximizes profitability and fosters an individual’s entrepreneurialism while reducing risk. The goal of the division is to manage the operations side of the business, which is usually inefficiency for sales managers and originators, thus allowing them to originate, sell, and market loans to consumers without needless distractions. We understand that you are best at marketing, sales, and the management of your professional team. We’ll offer you an efficient setup that will allow you to focus on these tasks.

A similar message is sent to accomplished mortgage originators that wish to branch out on their own- We can take your marketing and sales skills to the next level. In addition, American Nationwide Mortgage offers one of the most aggressive compensation plans for branch managers and loan originators in the industry. We understand that the concept of this particular product isn’t easy to grasp. However, we have ample ability to provide education where necessary.

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