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Branch Partner Opportunity

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Our Company is committed in building relationships formed with integrity and character, working together with branches to create an atmosphere of trust for the consumer.

Only 50 BSP Per Loan




Retail Branch Alternative for Loan Officers, Brokers, Bankers and Reverse Mortgage Professionals

Are you are a producing mortgage loan officer or do you manage a branch?  If the answer is Yes; we invite you to take a few minutes to discover the important reasons you should consider joining American Nationwide Mortgage Company. We have been in business for 29 years and an industry leader in providing mortgage branch opportunities for 24 years.

AT ANMC we provide a higher level of support to our branch managers to make sure that their mortgage branch employees receive the help and assistance required to be a success. At ANMC we help mortgage professionals succeed one originator at a time.

Advantages of Managing an ANMC Retail Branch

ANMC is a direct lender and a major broker. We are an approved Full Eagle FHA / HUD mortgage lender, underwriting and funding FHA, VA, Reverse and USDA (RD) loans. As our employee you can operate as a mortgage banker, you also have the ability to close as a mortgage broker using our extensive list of wholesale lenders. Our compensation program for branch managers and loan originators is one of the most aggressive and flexible plans in the industry.

As an American Nationwide Mortgage Manager or Originator you will have the tools and support needed to succeed in the new lending environment we are now in.

How can ANMC help you succeed? Here are a few of the tools and services we provide.

            You can originate as a Full service mortgage banker.

            You get very competitive pricing with a full list of loan products.

            You have the advantage of a state of the art pricing engine for fast best case pricing every               time.

            You have the ability to broker loans (ANMC does not have a first right of refusal like many               companies require).

            Every branch is assigned a production specialist to help you with  advertising and                             marketing, pricing, HR, accounting, and compliance.

            With 29 years in the business and a very successful track record as a mortgage               industry branching specialist, we give you the security of a company that has proven that             we are here to stay.

Find Mortgage Branch Career Opportunities

American Nationwide Mortgage Company does not operate net branches in accordance with the literal definition of “net branch.” The term “net branch” is only used in the above context because it is a recognized term that positively effects search engine optimization. “Net branches” (defined as “ branches with independent ownership and autonomy”) are not allowed by regulatory agencies. Simply, all branches associated with American Nationwide Mortgage Company, are duly licensed locations from which the licensed company may originate loans with assistance of employed branch managers and loan originators.

Integrity  Honesty   Stability   Accuracy   Dependability

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